What We Do

empower fashion skills

We are the original fashion Empowerment team.

When you are done here you will no longer need us.

Here at ANATOMIExFASHIONLAB the focus of the entire team is for you to go away from here feeling empowered and more in control of your fashion-life.

Whether it's by making you a healthier business by leveling up your skill set, focusing on what you do best or being able to independently develop pattern and style solutions without the help of CMTs saving you money and giving you total creative control over your brand.

You do this by joining our roster of designers.

We do this by assisting you from everything from fabric and trim choices, through modelling on the stand to flat pattern cutting , the creation of your signature sewing techniques to developing your brand identity and USP.

All for the same monthly flat fee. Upfront and without any hidden costs.


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