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We are a fashion consulting Team that specialises in experimental brand support and development. We are there to empower brands through cor skill building, prototyping support, advice and streamlining. We run on a low cost monthly membership basis that gives you access to our Club Quarters where you get in person consultation and one to one instruction for a fixed number of hours a month

Who is the FASHIONLAB for?

The FASHIONLAB is ideal for anyone that is a professional in the fashion industry. From recent graduate to independent designer to larger companies that are looking to develop that mind blowing final look

How many hours a month do I get?

You get 10 hours of club access every month. This gives you enough time to solve a medium sized project (ie. USP, diffusion, pattern development for a style)

Can I get Top-Up hours?

There are Top-Up hours available for an additional cost

NEW Company memberships!

Arrange for more than one employee to benefit from a company monthly subscription with special pricing. Please contact lab@anatomie.london for more info. The same Terms of Service apply

How does my membership benefit me?

Empowerment and total control of your fashion future. With the skills you can learn with our Team you can benefit from years of experience in experimental fashion design to fast forward levelling up your brand at a fraction of the cost

Can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel any booking with more than 24 hours notice at no penalty.

Should you need to cancel within the 24 hour window we will not be able to add your hour back to your account as we will already have committed the resources of the team to assist you during that time slot

Why a monthly fee?

Though fashion is manically paced, learning skills, especially practical ones is much more slow tech. A monthly fee ensures that you have the time you need to succeed

Where are the Club Quarters?

We are part of the exciting Biscuit Factory with many gym and entertainment opportunities close by

What are the Club Quarters like?

The Club Quarters are conveniently located in Bermondsey, a quick ten minute walk from the Jubilee line. They include a full industrial studio set up with industrial sewing machine, mannequins, ironing station and individual work tables and access to common fashion tools. The lounge area provides you with hot and cold refreshments, phone charging facilities

What are your hours?

We currently offer select slots on weekday evenings and daytime slots on Saturday and Sunday to let you do what you need to do during the work day and topping up skills when you have time to focus on doing so.

New booking slots are published Saturdays

Why are the hours staggered the way they are?

We service a wide range of fashion clients and our current hours are structured so that the most people are able to benefit from the service of the Team.

Are there any specialist skills that you teach?

There is a wide range of specialisms that you can top up your skill set with when you are a member of ANATOMExFASHIONLAB. To name a few we have Team members who are bespoke tailors, corsetiers, costume makers and couturiers that are on call to instruct you

What if I do not yet ave the skills required to join?

Luckily London is full of providers that do short courses to acquire the fashion basics. From world renowned providers such as LCF to smaller top-notch institutions such as Morley College there is something for almost every budget

Do you do initial consultations before signing up?

Of course we do. We believe in our product and your future and want to make sure that we are right for you

Initial consults can be booked here for a nominal fee that will be refunded when you join

Can I refer a friend?

You may book one of your monthly hours for a friend to try out our services and receive a FREE Top-Up hour voucher or £25 Club Merch voucher

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel anytime. Your membership will run out the day before your next payment is due

We are there to empower you, therefore we expect you to be ready to leave after we have given you all of the advice that you need

Can I transfer my membership?

Not at this time.The first time you come to the Club Quarters we will ask you to show us your confirmation email and register you on our system. Should you like to refer a friend you may book one of your monthly hours for a friend to try out our services and receive a FREE Top-Up hour voucher or £25 Club Merch voucher

Do my monthly hours roll over?

Time at the Club Quarters needs to be tightly managed and distributed fairly between all of our clients to ensure the consistently high quality service we provide. Therefore all monthly hours expire at the end of the billing cycle